The restlessness to create and develop new products brought us to have a process to adapt ourselves to the consumer, also to the market needs referring to security.


For it, we perform a lot of tests following the Test 6 of the United Nations to define the risk of each product using the specially designed packaging to guarantee the security during transport and storage.


We always keep in mind for the packaging to be environmentally respectful and attractive for its distribution.

Warranty of Quality

In CIALFIR, we are very strict with the security and safety for all our products, form the development till the end of production.

Our technical team in Spain and China, works permanently with the market inputs and new trends in the producing areas to be able to certify all the products following the security standards established in the Pyrotechnic European Directive.

The Group has an approved quality system, audited by the Oficial Lab JM Madariaga as a Notified Organism, which approved the technical equipment and the facilities we have in China for the own testing of all the batches.

The Cialfir Group tests more than 20.000 units of pyrotechnic products in order to assure the accomplishment of the quality and safety standards of all the products we sell.

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