Cialfir Group

Paying attention to the product development, the consumer and the regular support both to our own retail points or our customers ones, made the company grow without forgetting the roots and the contact with the final user.

Mission. Positioning in the market consumer fireworks for the final user, providing added value referring to quality, design and price.


Vision. Supply with all our brands products the whole Europe, increasing our final user knowledge.


Values. Clarity and quickness of being a business family, together with the efficiency, the effort and the intensity of our daily work.

Our Brands

CIALFIR is the Brand to develop consumer fireworks. Famous for its innovation. Cialfir has all you need referring to the traditional pyrotechnic channel, from the louder banger to the most choreographic combo.
SMILE & WISH is the Party brand. Design and security are the two main pillars of the brand. Created to be the main character in the most special and unforgettable events. Its blinking sparks will burst into the darkness to expose the emotion of the ones celebrating a magic moment.
LA TRACA & PIRO L’ALBA. Our brands for final user sales. Since the beginning of the 80’s, we imagine a selling system where we can provide the products to the consumer with professionalism and good service.

Facilities and Team

CIALFIR Group facilities have a storage capacity of 246.100 Kg of powder, between 5 warehouses in Barcelona, Tarragona, Alicante, Guadalajara and Huelva.

Our facilities are endowed with an ERP system, where all the orders are introduced by the logistic department and are delivered with extremely quickness, in order to reach our customers through an excellent and fast delivery service.

Some things we take them for granted, only when they miss, we realize of its importance.

Is what happens, overall with the closeness. We know about the importance of the direct contact, both inside and outside the company. That’s why the personal availability is so important for us, even we work throughout all the Spanish territory, there’s something we never forget: The personal contact and the flexibility of our whole team.

5 Warehouses
4450 m2 of Storage
246.100 kg NEC